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Enjoy an Active Holiday with Trekking Trips

Czech Adventure is a tour company born in the heart of Europe, focused on Czech experience with hiking and trekking in the beautiful Czech countryside. All you need is a pair of hiking boots and the passion to travel to new destinations.

Even if you have never hiked before, you will experience how it feels to reach the top of the mountains or walk in the deep forest and witness the amazing nature of this beautiful country. Everyone walks at their own pace, so you have time to breathe and stay present in the moment.

During your trip, you will discover many places, enjoy stunning views, fill your lungs with fresh air and experience the Czech culture. You will experience a heightened awareness of your surroundings and connect with Czech culture and nature. There are miles and miles of deep forests, hills and mountains, with many wonderful natural places that are unlike anything you have experienced anywhere else.

We are also able to offer customised trips! All you need to do is tell us what you would like and we will help you to design the trip according your requirements!

Recharge Yourself in Nature

Walking alongside a cool trickling stream, watching a sunset over a mountain ridge, hearing the wind blowing through the trees, being outdoors and aware of nature’s beauty can make you feel energized and alive. Connecting with nature does your body, mind and soul good!

You will experience a heightened awareness of your surroundings and connect with nature. Your sense of nature and spirit will be awakened with new awareness. Take the time to breathe fresh air and stay present in the moment.

The beautiful and historic Czech Republic has lots of deep forests, hills and mountains and many amazing natural places unique to this Central European nation. The ideal time to experience the nature of the Czech Republic is from May until October, when the weather is usually sunny and pleasant for hiking and other outdoor activities such as hiking, biking and canoeing.

What people are saying about us

“Had an amazing experience with our guide Lenka who was warm and super friendly.
She is experienced and her passion for adventure was evident.
I would highly recommend her!”


“This is a beautiful area of Czech, and the hiking trails are lovely. Very well marked and lots to see. A lot of fun hiking thru the rock formations Lenka is a friendly and warm person and her love of the outdoors will inspire you. “


Lenka is a friendly, passionate, knowledgeable guide overflowing with positive energy. Not only did she take us to wonderful places but the time spent with her was rewarding in itself. She guided us to locations where it would be extremely hard for us to get to by ourselves and we enjoyed every minute of the trip. Highly recommended!


This is Czech Adventure – Come experience it your way!

We look forward to seeing you here.