Šumava National Park: 4-Day Mountain Hiking Retreat

Šumava National Park


  • Largest National Park in the Czech Republic

  • Traditional Czech breakfast, lunch and dinner during the whole stay

  • Yoga and Meditation daily programme

  • Accommodation for the whole stay in the mountains

  • A local, English speaking guide for the entire retreat


  • FREE snack pack & water for each day of hiking

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at a local Czech pub (main course and one drink)

  • Accommodation for the whole stay in the mountains

  • Yoga and Meditation daily programme

  • Cost of transport from Prague and back

  • A local, English speaking guide for the entire trip

Tour Details

  • Perfect for an active day

  • Around 20 km of moderate hiking

  • High terrain

  • Stunning views

4 Days Retreat / 3 Nights Stay

  • 1st day – arriving by mid day (travel from Prague), then half day hike
  • 2nd day – 20 km all day hike
  • 3rd day – 20 km all day hike
  • 4th day – leaving location by mid day or late afternoon and traveling back to Prague

From €280 per person per day (price will be calculated on request)

Šumava National Park: 4-Day Mountain Hiking Retreat

In order to experience true connection with nature and to fully relax, we have prepared the perfect tourist retreat package for you, a 4-day hiking retreat in Šumava National Park.

Climb on the Green Roof of Europe in Šumava National Park!

Only a few places in Central Europe offer such a harmonious landscape as Šumava National Park. The deep forests on the Czech-Bavarian border are so vast, they form the largest forested area on the continent. A combination of century-old primaeval forests, crystal-clear glacial lakes, and mysterious peat bogs creates a uniquely poetic place for an active holiday at any times of the year.

The most precious sites of Šumava were granted strict protection by the creation of the Šumava National Park in 1991. This was outlined to include the central part of the mountain range along the border with Germany, and partly also with Austria, extending its protective shelter over most of the precious natural sites of Šumava: the vast plateaus with moors, wild river valleys of the Vydra and the Křemelná, the highest parts of the border mountain range, glacial lakes Plešné, Prášilské, and Laka, peatlands in the Vltava river valley, as well as the isolated patches of the original mixed forests at Stožec, Smrčina and Plechý. Šumava it is the largest national park in the Czech Republic, varying in altitude from 600 to almost 1,400 metres above sea level.

We will stay in mountain recreation facilities near or directly in Železná Ruda, from where we will also go daily tours. Železná Ruda is a small Czech town deep in the heart of Šumava National Park, 3 hours southwest of Prague. Surrounded by hills and mountains on all sides, it serves as a major hub for tourism – for skiers in the winter and hikers and holiday makers in the summer.

Accommodation can be private or shared during the stay and is included in the price. Daily trips to the mountains are more demanding and therefore there is a need for a certain physical condition and strength to walk on mountain terrain and to be able to walk around 20 km per day. The Šumava region has many possibilities for every type of bicycle rider as well, so if you like, we can rent bikes.

This is a very personalized trip based on our own experiences we want to share. This offer is for small groups only, thus our guests can expect a lot of individual attention with advice on clothing, weather, what to pack, as well as fitness levels prior to the trip. Also we will be ensuring your safety and welfare during the hike and the entire trip, as well as helping you with any translations needed when ordering lunch or buying gifts. Most importantly, however, we will be guiding you through this remarkable countryside and offering you the most unique experience.

To book this retreat, please, send us an enquiry about the exact price and available dates.