About Czech Adventure

Stretch your legs and take a hike. Part of the beauty of walking is to slowly take in the scenery, stop for rests, snacks, refreshments, photos, and chat with new friends. Walking/hiking makes for a very rewarding active holiday. Many beautiful Czech natural locations may only be accessed on foot! A trekking holiday offers a totally new perspective on a destination and allows you to truly experience the heart of a country. There is a variety of hiking options in the Czech Republic, including flat, mountainous, meadows or forests trails. A well-marked trail system makes hiking very easy.

If you love nature and enjoy walking, then you will love the Czech Adventure.

Lenka Lorien

Founder & Director

My name is Lenka and I am the founder of the Czech Adventure hiking agency. I have an artistic background, having studied fine art in Prague. I have been a qualified tourist guide for 5 years and I am also a fully qualified yoga teacher and therapist and I use all these skills in my trips. I want to show people the beauty of the Czech nature and help them discover different places in the Czech countryside. I am fluent in English, having lived in England for 14 years.

My Dad used to work for one of the biggest Czech travel agencies Cedok and often took me to a few days of group trips. As a little girl, I enjoyed these excursions very much. My Grandmother was one of the oldest tourists in her town. And she was the oldest tourist in town who was able to walk 60 km!

I like traveling around the world very much, and all these experiences made my life so much richer. And that is why I also like to show others the beauty of our Czech countryside. For me personally, the nature is a source of energy. Walking through the woods and the mountains is incredible and it always fills me up with energy. I love traveling, discovering new countries and meeting new people.

I am looking forward to our trip together!


Tour Guide & Coordinator

My name is Katka. I am a tour guide for CzechAdventure.eu. I studied social policy and social work at Charles University’s Faculty of Arts in Prague. I work mainly as a supervisor, lecturer and consultant in social services. I have been involved in volunteering for a long time in the Czech Republic and abroad and have worked as a volunteer coordinator. I also do massage therapy.

I come from the north of the Czech Republic. Since my childhood, I have liked the local landscape and mountain hikes. I like running and meditating in the nature. I like sleeping outdoors and watching bonfires in the summer, and I love cross-country skiing in winter.

I speak English and French. I studied and volunteered for some time in France, and I have a lot of friends there.

I am curious and I like meeting new people. I like inspiring others and getting inspired. In nature, I find equanimity and tranquility.

I am happy when people are happy.

I am looking forward to our trip together!

Lukáš Blažej


Tour Guide & Coordinator

My name is Lukas. I am a tour guide for CzechAdventure.eu. I studied at Czech Technical University in Prague. Throughout my colorful life I travelled many countries, worked in plenty of professions, experienced various philosophies, cultures, and lifestyles. I currently work as a technician installing smart door locks.

I come from Slovak Republic, but I shot roots in Prague and I have been here for almost half of my life. I love nature, its aliveness, harmonic systematic order, regenerative capacities, geometry like phi ratio and fractals. Nature inspires me, and it is a vast resource for my capacity.

I speak English and some German. I love to move around, build with natural materials, meditate, sing. I do ecstatic dance, yoga and various sports, e.g. running and bodybuilding.

During the trips we can do yoga or acro yoga together, we can have fun singing & improvising or even freestyle rapping if you like. I can recite English poems on the spectacular landscapes to color your experience, I can offer deep questions/answers and insights into issues that you like to discuss, or we can do a special Wolf pack exercise I learned at one of the men circles I attended. Moreover, there is always space for creativity, yours or mine.

See you on the Journey.