The climate of the Czech Republic can be described as a typical European continental influenced climate with warm, dry summers and fairly cold winters, though temperature can vary. In summer, daytime temperatures typically reach 25-28°C, but may occasionally rise to 30°C or more.  Hiking season usually runs from April to October.

The most single important thing is to wear comfortable hiking boots or sport shoes suitable for a forest walk. The ground can be uneven and high heels are absolutely a no-go for the trip. While you need no special hiking clothing or equipment, it is recommended you do bring sunscreen and a hat for the sunny weather, or a rain jacket for wet weather, and additionally, pack an extra layer if it is chilly.

Even if you’re not a regular hiker but are keen to get a taste of the Czech countryside, you do need to be reasonably fit for a hike with Czech Adventure, as hill climbs come with the territory. Your guide will make sure you are comfortable with the pace and stop as often as you need. Our philosophy is to slow down and appreciate the beauty of nature.

The maximum group size on standard hikes is 10 people. The amount of people taking part in our hikes may vary from day to day and, occasionally, groups as little as two people can participate, however if you wish, you can always contact us and ask about the current situation or you may check availability on the the calendar on the trip page . Minimum number for a day hike is 2 people.

Yes, we do for 5 persons or more. For group discounts, please contact us directly before making a booking request.

This can depend on the size of the group. With the smaller groups, we believe that it can be fun and enjoyable to take the local transport of either train or bus and add to the authenticity of the Czech experience. When we have larger groups, it may be more efficient to organise a minibus.

Both payment methods, PayPal or major credit cards, are accepted. When we process the payment, a confirmation email will be sent you containing the payment transaction details.

Booking cancellations made 14 days or more prior to the date of the trip will be refunded in full. Cancellations up to 7 days prior to the date of trip will be subject to a 50% charge of the total cost. Any later cancellations will incur the full charge of the booking. The deposit is not refundable, except in cases of serious reasons, such as illness, death, natural disaster.

We need your name, your travel dates, your mobile phone number and your email address. For health and safety reasons, we also ask later for an emergency contact (name and phone number).

Yes, we can help you arrange this. We have a good partner hotel and plenty of tips on where to go in the Czech countryside but any chosen accommodation is offered subject to availability. We will be pleased to plan a customized itinerary fitting your needs and using our expert knowledge of the area. Simpky contact us with details of what you are looking for and we will send you a customised offer!

Yes, guests are advised to have their own travel insurance.

At the moment, the choice of vegetarian/vegan food in the Czech countryside is not large, however there is a limited option for vegetarian meals like grilled cheese, grilled vegetable, fried potatoes, risotto etc. We find it is appropriate to always advise guests that if they are concerned about this, to bring some suitable snack/food with them in case of non-availability of their dietary needs.

Before booking please ask about the difficulty of the hike. Some trips are suitable for children only from a certain age.

Not at all. Children between 7 – 14 years traveling in the company of adults pay only about 60% of the standard tour rate. We do not recommend that children any younger take part in our standard hikes. Children can be accommodated subject to suitable accommodation available.