Krkonoše National Park: 4-Day Mountain Hiking Retreat



  • Highest mountain range of the Czech Republic

  • Traditional Czech breakfast, lunch and dinner during the whole stay

  • Yoga and Meditation daily programme

  • Accommodation for the whole stay in the mountains

  • A local, English speaking guide for the entire retreat


  • FREE snack pack & water for each day of hiking

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner at a local Czech pub (main course and one drink)

  • Accommodation for the whole stay in the mountains

  • Yoga and Meditation daily programme

  • Cost of transport from Prague and back

  • A local, English speaking guide for the entire trip

Tour Details

  • Perfect for an active day

  • Around 20 km of moderate hiking

  • High terrain

  • Stunning views

4 Days Retreat / 3 Nights Stay

  • 1st day – arriving by mid day (travel from Prague), then half day hike
  • 2nd day – 20 km all day hike
  • 3rd day – 20 km all day hike
  • 4th day – leaving location by mid day or late afternoon and traveling back to Prague

From €280 per person per day (price will be calculated on request)

Krkonoše – the Beauty of Summer in the Mountains

In order to experience true connection with nature and to fully relax, we have prepared the perfect tourist retreat package for you, a 4-day hiking retreat in Krkonoše National Park, which also boasts the highest peak “Sněžka” and could be compared to the Czech Alps.

Krkonoše (the Giant Mountains) is home to the highest mountains in the Czech Republic, but that is also true throughout Central Europe to the north of the Alps. The Krkonoše Mountains are geomorphological and the highest mountains in the Czech Republic and Czech Highlands. They are located in northeast Bohemia and crossing over into the south of Poland. The highest peak in the Giant Mountains is Sněžka (1603 m). According to legends, the mythical spirit of Krakonoš is guarding the Krkonoše Mountains. It is one of the most popular mountain places in the Czech Republic.

Glacial corries contrast with bare-stone ridges, large alpine meadows with timber cottages down in the valleys, the murmur of waterfalls with the mysterious silence of peat bogs, while regal Mount Sněžka, queen of the peaks, lords it over her lofty realm. All this awaits you in the Krkonoše Mountains. They measure approximately 35 km in length, with their main ridges and valleys arranged in a direction from northwest to southeast.

We will stay in mountain recreation facilities nearby or directly in Špindlerův Mlýn from where we will also go on daily tours. Accommodation, which can be private or shared during the stay, is included in the price. Daily trips to the mountains are more demanding and therefore there is a need for a certain physical condition and strength to walk in the Alpine terrain and be able to walk around 20 km per day.

This is a very personalized trip based on our own experiences we want to share. This offer is for small groups only, thus our guests can expect a lot of individual attention with advice on clothing, weather, what to pack, as well as fitness levels prior to the trip. Also we will be ensuring your safety and welfare during the hike and the entire trip, as well as helping you with any translations needed when ordering lunch or buying gifts. Most importantly, however, we will be guiding you through this remarkable countryside and offering you the most unique experience.

To book this retreat, please, send us an enquiry about the exact price and available dates.